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When you are in the construction field, or even just doing your research if you are planning on taking on your own home construction project, you may hear different types of construction being mentioned– one of these being industrial construction. There are four different main types of construction, so the terms that you are hearing are not interchangeable!

In the case of industrial construction, this refers to the development, renovation, or ground-up construction of structures that are meant for businesses that deal with the manufacture of goods. Sometimes, the construction project will also include the design, installation, or maintenance of mechanical and structural components.
The second kind of building that is commonly seen in industrial construction is a manufacturing building. Unlike warehouses or distribution centers, the goods that the company is selling are actually being assembled here. These buildings house the equipment to create the goods– the equipment is usually very heavy and very expensive! Some of the industries that use these sorts of buildings are the mining, oil, and shipbuilding businesses. Manufacturing buildings follow similar designs to house the heavy machinery, and to increase foot traffic around this machinery, too.

They will have a three-phase electrical supply in order to power the machinery all day, as well as heavy ductwork and high-capacity systems for ventilation and exhaust. This is important because manufacturing often utilizes or releases harmful chemicals and fumes within the facility. Industrial and commercial construction both pertain to business ventures and involve constructing buildings that will be used by companies. However, this similarity aside, commercial and industrial construction are two different kinds of construction.

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We’ve been helping cities, utilities, automakers, EVSE suppliers and commercial businesses take advantage of clean energy benefits that smart charging infrastructure affords. Our solutions deliver savings to drivers, businesses and grid operators.
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Our mix of company-owned and contractor assets allows us to retain optimal levels of control whilst expanding our reach to over 96% of towns in Australia. With 40 years of LTL experience, we are now a trusted LTL freight provider for shippers of all sizes and commodity types.

Our LTL service extends to all states and territories, and includes multiple per-week services to places many others only serve occasionally, including Darwin, Alice Springs, Newman, Mt. Isa, Launceston and Burnie.

We pride ourselves on providing the best transport and shipping services currently available in Australia. Our skilled personnel, utilising the latest communications, tracking and processing software, combined with decades of experience, ensure all freight is are shipped, trans-shipped and delivered as
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